It says a lot.

What your drink of choice says about you

What Your Drink of Choice Says About You

Beer? Whiskey? A dirty Martini? Or is it a Margarita on the rocks? Find our what you drink of choice says about you.

Vodka drinkers are health conscious

Vodka drinkers generally fall into two classes: those who love vodka and those who have learned that it’s a heathier liquor. Healthier? Yeah. It has less than 100 calories, it is gluten free and among other things, has no sugar.

Craft beer drinkers care about the little things

Generally, people who drink beer care about fitting in but we’re not talking about those people, we’re talking about craft beer drinkers which are a litttttttle different. You only want to fit in with other craft beer drinkers, you more than likely have a mustache or beard, dress in only the hippest clothes and might even have a murse (for those of you who don’t know, a man - purse.)

Wine drinks are social, like really social.

Wine drinkers are more than likely the most social out of all the alcohol drinkers and they’ll tell you that. They’ll get to know you and even help you get to know others (with a little bit of gossip.)

Champagne drinkers have fantastic taste

If you drink champagne, you see the world slightly different than everyone else. Your life in some respects is dazzling. For most of the world, champagne is used to celebrate. For champagne drinkers, a celebration isn’t needed because their lives are a celebration, and they have the taste for celebrations.

High end or single malt whiskey drinkers are mature and intelligent

Most whiskey drinkers know exactly what they want. They seem to know exactly what kind of whiskey they want, how they want it and how to sip and savor it. They’re generally well informed but they don’t often tell others about what they know because being mature doesn’t make you tell everyone about it.