Consulting Services

Broadband / Wi-Fi

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To
Successful owner hosted
broadband / wi-Fi networks

We have the tools.

We Have the experience.


You can buy, implement and manage your own network. 

You know what that also means? 

You can profit from your network too.

Network Design | Engineering


We can design, equip, secure, and impliment your network but we can also monetize your network so you can PROFIT from all of your hardwork.

Captive Portal Wi-fi

We can implement a captive portal environment on your network no matter what equipment or setup you currently have.

* Increase Security
* Increase User Privacy
* Decrease Liability
* Create a Revenue stream

Implementation | Support


Network Setup
Equipment Recommendations
Customer Service


Purchase, Lease, Recommendations.

Property Owners

Owner Hosted Internet is an Opportunity

TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS  rather than wait for internet service providers to deliver the services your tenants demand. Invest in high-speed internet  and include it with the rent/lease OR provide high-speed service but offer a lower basic level of service across the board and then offer upgrades available for purchase then (and this is the good part) partner with ConnectDirect Online to generate a revenue stream off of all of the targeted digital advertising that is already taking place on your network.

high-speed internet + monetization

you have the competitive advantage

Property owners, you can provide high-speed internet in your buildings while still focusing on what you do best and what interests you – leasing your space and maximizing value for your property and your tenants.

work with us

you don't need to become an expert

Our property owners bring high-speed internet in and then we help them walk their tenants through the process of connecting, securing and supporting the network. 

(don’t forget you get to monetize your network as well)

RevNET Platform

Captive Portal | Community Portal / Landing Page | Direct to URL | Data / Analytics

Network Monetization is easy, secure, reduces liability and creates revenue.