What is Captive Advertising?

These days when engaging in advertising, specifically digital advertising, companies must find effective ways of getting their advertisements to stand out above all of the others and catch the attention of the desired potential customer. One way to do this is by implementing captive advertising, or captive audience advertising, which is a method of advertising in which companies take advantage of audiences in situations that make it impossible to miss their messages. The potential customer is held “captive” but in a good way.

Example of Captive Advertising situations:

  • Transportation: Buses, Taxi Cabs, Airplanes, Ride Share, Rail
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Cinemas
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Promotional Texts
  • Splash Pages
  • Radios ads during songs
  • Lines

Why is Captive Advertising so effective?

With captive advertising your message (advertisement) is received clearer and retained longer because you have the potential customers undivided attention. You have their focus, their attention because there is less white noise.

Why Captive Advertising?

Advertising takes skill, especially with all the variables that are involved and that it requires to target the audience you want.

You have to get the right person (your potential customer), the right content, a the right place, at the right time, in the right format, in their language and exactly in front of them, and that, can be a moving target.

But with a captive audience, it enables you to nail down some of those variables. The more you know about your audience (our analytics), the closer you can get to them by way of knowing those exact variables. You know exactly who your potential customers is, the connect they’ll receive, where they are, what time is best, the format they’ll receive clearer, their language and exactly how to get it to them. The more captive they are, the more you know about them and the better you can tailor your ads to them.

The more they relate to your ads and the more your variables are on point, the clearer your message is received and the longer it’ll be retained, the better of a chance you have at making them your customer.

Captive Advertising works.

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